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No matter which side of civil litigation you find yourself on, the Law Office of Boyd & Wills, PLLC protects your investments and your rights in regards to construction law. Your goals are important to us and achieving the best outcome for you in every exchange is our top priority. The Law Office of Boyd & Wills, PLLC is a trusted civil litigation advisor for resolving partnership disputes in Franklin, TN. We specialize in resolving cases that involve a breach of contract.

Our Brentwood lawyers focus on your success and put our expertise in civil litigation, arbitration, and mediation to guide you through even the most complex business and civil litigation matters. When it comes to construction litigation, we assist homeowners and construction professionals with property disputes, real estate, and contractor performance. Let us serve your next civil and construction litigation needs throughout middle Tennessee and beyond.

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  • Breach of Contract
  • Contract Disputes
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Contractor Performance Disputes
  • Boundary-line Disputes
  • Evictions
  • Property Claims
  • Eminent Domain
  • Construction Defects
  • Collections
  • Probate Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Arbitration

Breach of Contract Lawyer

Most people consider their word to be their bond. However, it is wiser to acquire it in writing, such as a contract outlining an agreement on a specific business, than to argue over who said what and when. This is essential for your business to avoid a breach of contract.

Let us assist you if you require a partnership agreement, lease, or purchase agreement for a new house. Knowing how to enforce your rights under a contract is smart business, and failing to do so could cost you money. Spend some time discussing your contract case and additional legal issues with our contract attorneys.

Our law firm will counsel you through a successful business transaction and stand with you when it comes time to protect your rights by litigating, mediating, or arbitrating your contract to resolution.

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